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Middle & High School Admissions

Similar to the rigoreous admission application process that college bound students endure; private middle and high schools are now incorporating those requirements into younger students,  and it's a long course, not a simple journey.  


We recommend that families start the process the spring prior to their applying semester, or when the students is beginning to complete their 4th, 5th  or 7th grades so that they are confident in going into their last year of elementary or middle school.


Our Educational Consulting Process is committed to developing a customized and effective admissions support package for students who are applying to private middle and high schools, as well as charter and special interest public schools.

We offer a broad range of services and pricing options.  Our goal is to strive to customize a package that will fit your specific needs and budget; as well as offer flexible payment plans.  

Middle School is when a student start to discover who and what they are and what their goals might be.  Our staff works to support and guidance to these applicants,  their families. and find the schools that will be serve the needs and wants for each child.

Once a student has reached the 8th grade, students are beginning to consider their personal and intellectual goals and interest.  We make it our missions to coach them through the complex admissions process so they can focus on and make sound educational decisions  as they prepare to attend college.

The admissions process can be overwhelming going into middle and high school,  but it prepares students for the following step of applying to colleges across the United States and competing with the world.

Find out how we can help your family.

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