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Our One Week College Counseling Bootcamps are designed to assist families who want the full benefit of a skilled college consultant, but feel it out of their reach to help their students obtain the critical skills they will need to complete their College Applications  prior to the start of their senior year,  As a result, the students will be able to enter the 12 grade with confidence that they have completed an very important, very time consuming, and very critical life changing project  before embarking on a very exciting year.

In class
Studying on the Grass
High School Friends
Teenagers in Park
Reviewing Essay
Teacher Assisting a Student
Studying in Groups

Our Bootcamp Itinary


  • Identify Schools that will be appropriate for the Student

  • Create, Develop, and Edit Essays

  • Walk through and Complete the Common, UC  and CSU Applications


  • How to Introduce YOU

  • College Research

  • Essay Creation, Development and Presentation

  • Writing The Essays To The Word Count

  • Preparing for the Supplemental Applications

  • Tying Up the Ends

  • Fiancial Aid

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