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Our College Counseling Program       

Female College Students
It's ALL in the Delivery!

College planning is exciting, but it can often be exasperating for both the student and the family.  We are independent educational consultants specializing in guiding families through every step of the admissions process, from choosing the right schools according to academic, social,  and affordability criteria to preparing college applications and comparing admission offers.

Our program provides counseling to help students and families choose a school, college, or other program that is a good personal match, and one that will foster the student’s academic and social growth.

Students That We Serve

Ivy & Top Tier Schools

Top Tier Schools are very competitive.  It can become a harrowing experience for many students.  Often times, it can cause students to become non-responsive or depressed; while parents become more anxious.  


A well trained college consultant has the ability to gain control of the stress a student is feeling and channel it into a program that they can handle and easily succeed at. 


A well thought out approach using the advise our admissions consultants provide can reduce the anxiety, and keep the entire family happy.

Learning Differences

Many students have survived K-12 with the aid of a 504 plan and want to attend college. 


These students often need more assistance.  With over 200 colleges and universities that have special programs to assist students thrive and become amazing successes. 


Our staff works with families to find the right schools with the additional staff to transition from needing help to standing on their own two feet when they reach their college graduation day.


The approach for students who want to continue to play their sport and are not recruited by college scouts must approach the admissions  process differently to play their sport.


As a result, each Student Athlete has to create a marketing strategy to introduce themselves to the college coaches across the country.  This requires a powerful presentation.  We help to make sure that the portfolio serves them well.


While no one want to think the worse, a student must also address what happens if a student suffers an injury and loses their financial aid.  Plan B is a big part of making sure the student can complete their college education. 

Gap Year

A Gap Year is a significant situation after a student has been accepted to a College or Univerity.  This is a period of time that a student takes off to complete a committed task before starting their new school year.  It is viewed as a moment away from the academics.


Within this time, certain things need to happen if the student wants to pursue a Gap Year. 


After a student has been accepted,  they not only need to accept the school's offer, but also file a request to defer their first year and the reason why.  We can help students set up these deferments.

Special Majors

Special Majors a not as easy as they look.  The process is far more intense with not only the regualar application,  as is the supplement ones that rapidly follow.


For those who are interested in the Finer or Performing Arts or Special BS/MD or BA/JD programs we can assist you in not only selecting schools that should be on your short list,  but we can assist you with the supplement applications that will be required.

Most of the time their are additional special requirements demanded of the student for acceptance,  and preparing for those supplement applications is key to the students success

International Students/ US Abroad Programs

For International Students,  the USA is the #1 place to study. 


We offer an international student to come to the US as a undergraduate or graduate student.  We create a unique avenue to open the doors to international students to achieve their goals.  


You immigration process begins when we help you propare the application process and  apply to your hand picked 4-year colleges and universities. 


Becoming an International Student is a lengthy process that requires advance preparation, and complete their homeland security applications.

As a sophomore in high school,  I met this counselor who gave me the confidence and helped me navigate the college admissions process as a DACA student.  There was no way for me to recieve any scholarship funds except for community based ones,  and because of this counselor,  I got into 9 of the 10 schools I applied to,  I got enough scholarship money to pay for my first year, 


Today,  I have my Ph.D in Education with a background in Chicano Studies and Spanish,  Every Student needs a counselor like this in their corner!


M.. G   Delgado, Ph.D

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