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IInnovative Thinkers Reimaging A Student

Since 2007,  Finer Consultants has excelled in providing college and career counseling for middle and high school students, as well as adult learners, yet our scope extends beyond mere guidance.


With a skilled team, we adopt an inventive, cooperative method, fostering an inclusive, cheerful community to guide students in shaping their futures and attaining their aspirations. Our objective is to furnish each student with indispensable resources, empowering them to unlock their utmost potential.  


Finer Consultants offers a Full Range of Services to help students reach their goals in Top Tier Choices, Learning Differences, The Arts,  Specialized Programs, DACA students, First Generation, and International Students.   We also assist students who are applying to private high schools and magnet/charter programs.

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Psych / Pre-Med


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College Admissions Counseling & Financial Aid



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College MEANS.....Big Decisions,  Confusing Choices, and Finding the Right Fit.
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