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Our Viewpoint & Culture

Leveraging a student's passion as the platform to build experiences that lead to  a creative and compelling admissions package

In an article recently published by the American School Counselor Association,  the national average ratio of students to school counselors was 385:1 for the 2023–2024 school year.   With counselors having to address so many concerns within each school,  the typical meeting with a college bound student occurs briefly once or twice over four years, if at all.


As a result,  both Middle and high school students often lack the personalized mentorship or guidance that is crucial to their success within their educational institutions, whether it's public or private.

Unfortunately, these brief sessions often occur during senior year of high school, when mistakes can't be corrected and the meaningful progress becomes difficult to achieve.


As trained educators , we recognize the importance of individualized support for every student. This is why at Finer College, Career, and Immigration Consultants we specialize in creating inclusive, supportive staff designed to meet the unique needs of each student, meeting them at their start point. 

Our Operational Methodology

We are about uncovering a students creativity and forethought that will connect them to their admissions reader

  Our Director works with approximately 20-25 students per year, meets and interacts with college admissions representatives, and spends approxiamtely 25% of her time touring colleges to see the updates to schools across the country and abroad.  

Students are then supported by our counselors, who are highly qualified educators who hold a vast amount of experience in college admissions. Our counselors have years of relevant experience in college counseling and admissions across United States and abroad. . Our tutors have a lot of inspiring insights and  the resources to share with each student as we do our best to match each student to a tutor "who gets them".

Finally,, students have the opportunity to meet after school outinely with other staff memebers : a group  of like-minded peers who serve as a support system for your student.   These individuals  include other students of various ages who have similar interests, goals, and needs, and may play the role of both mentor and mentee within the group.

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