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Since 2007,  Finer Educational and Immigration Consultants has supported students and their families in transitioning them from the high school to college .by streamlining and reducing the stress and anxiety associated with the often intense college admissions process.  We start at where the student is and pull them forward, guiding them to  determine which schools feel right for them. 


Once we determine which schools meet the students needs, we hand craft a plan to reflect the goals trying to be achieved.  That plan includes  developing applications to reflect who the student is and what they bring to the college table that will enhance the college or university.   This process makes sure that the academic, social, campus setting and financial consideration are all correctly lined up that not only students.  When this happens not only the student but the family win.

Our staff tours colleges and universities all over the US, as well as those in Europe.  We get to know the admissions officers of the different colleges.  This exposure allows us the  first hand knowledge of the match the student with the school, and not vice versa.   


As a  long standing member of Higher Educational Consultant Association. we have a handful of tools readily at our disposal to assist us help your student.  We work with al candidates embracing the admissions process --  from those looking at top tier schools to those who wish to study as first generation or come to America as an international students.   

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We're Your Game Changer!  It's In  DNA.

Our staff are graduates of top tier research universities such as USC, UCLA or other UCs, Widener, Cornell, William & Mary, and more   


Approximately, 25% of our consultant's time is spent traveling.  We tour colleges and universities across American and understand what the schools strengths and weaknesses are, what type of students they are looking to bring to their campus, and learn what characteristics they want in the students they ultimately accept. 


Every year,  both students and parents tell us they look to see what type of students have been  previously accepted and based their approach on that information.  The truth is the even the admissions officers who are making up the new class can not say what  the final decisions will be in advance, they don't know.   No one can promise what the deciding factors will be for a student being admitted  or not until it happens.  There is no way for any admissions officer, counselor, or consultant to make any guarantee to you that they can get a student into a particular school.


The more competitive the college,  the more a student has to figure out what their 'WOW' is.  Today,  some schools have decided they want to take a different approach and become ACT/SAT optional. Every year the schools try to stand apart and change their school specific application within the Common Application.   


While a  Student's High School College Counselor is an  excellent resource for students,  these highly skill individuals do not have the sufficient time to give to each student who needs help to navigate the process and get the proper feedback.   Most school counselors can only afford 5 -7 minutes per student, and use other students who have no understaning of the college admissions landscape, tutor other students.   Most students need several hours of attention by professionals.  


When you work with our staff, we give the student the necessary hours required to assist each student and guide them to make their applications stand out and apart from a world of competitors.​

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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